All of our Technicians are ATA  certified and are qualified to carry out Air Conditioning Servicing and Repairs to your car. We have invested in state of the art equipment to test for and locate leaks, recharge with refrigerant and lubricant and check system operating pressures.

The air conditioning system fitted to your car is designed to be used all year round providing the following benefits

  • Efficient, cool, dehumidified air in summer
  • Warm dehumidified air in winter to demist windows more quickly following start up- an often overlooked safety aspect.
  • Helps to keep drivers alert on long journeys by providing air at a cool, comfortable level
  • Filters out pollutants and air borne particles, including pollen, particularly useful when stuck in traffic jams and for allergy sufferers.
  • Pleasant, odour free vehicle at all times.
  • Potential fuel savings- driving a car with the windows open increases drag on the car, increasing fuel consumption, having the air conditioning switched on will use less fuel!

If your air conditioning takes a long while to demist the windows in winter or provide cool air in summer it may need to be recharged.

Our comprehensive Air Conditioning Service from £45.00 includes:-

  • Recover refrigerant gas from system and filter
  • Weight quantity of gas recovered
  • Check system for leaks
  • Recharge system with refrigerant and lubricant (refrigerant quantity will be determined at this stage- at additional charge)
  • Add fluorescent dye to system to assist in detecting any future leaks
  • Check system operating pressures
  • Check condenser radiator cooling fan operation

For an additional charge we can also replace the Pollen Filter (if fitted).